Competitive analysis is a crucial part of a successful SEM strategy. Below are 15 tools that can help you gain insights on your competitors SEM efforts.

Adbeat Competitve Analysis

Adbeat provides sets of dashboards and reports for competitive analysis with focus on contextual advertising.



  • Covers Google Display Network, MSN Content Network, Doubleclick, Adsonar, Pulse360 and 20+ more networks
  • Provides dashboards on competing advertisers with trend lines, ad network activity, ad type breakdown, and the list of top publishers
  • Provides an ability to see image, text, flash, and text-image creatives for an advertiser

Pricing: From $99/month. 30 day money back guarantee. Pricing details.

AdGooRoo Competive Research
AdGooroo SEM Insight offers visibility into the day-to-day paid search landscape, including data on top competitors’ keywords, spend, cost-per-clicks, clickthrough rates, ad copy, landing pages, product listing ads, and more


  • Helps estimate competitors’ budgets, traffic volume and clickthrough rates
  • Provides view of competitors’ landing pages
  • Provides an ability to identify competitors’ keywords

Pricing: Contact to request demo and pricing details


Bing Ads Campaign Planner

Campaign Planner provides insights into industry benchmarks and competitors based on data collected from Yahoo and Bing.

Features: Details in this blogpost


  • Shows industry benchmarks and competitors
  • Provides an ability to review competitors’ ad coverage
  • Provides data on competitors’ average ad position

Pricing: Free


Google AdWords Auction Insights Report à Tab “Keywords” à Button “Details” à Auction Insights

Auction Insights report provides an ability to compare your performance with other advertisers who participating in the same auctions that you are.

Features: Details in this article


  • Provides a list of competitors participating in the same auction
  • Shows data on impression share, average ad position, and overlap rate for you and your competitors
  • Provides an ability to segment reporting data by device type and time

Pricing: Free


Google AdWords Keyword Planner

While Keyword Planner is mainly focused on finding keyword ideas for new campaigns, this tool also provides an ability to estimate completion level and average cost-per-clicks for selected keywords.

Features: Details in this blog post


  • Provides data on competition level and average cost-per-clicks for keywords
  • Provides an ability to estimate traffic volume based on your keyword plan

Pricing: Free


Google AdWords Ad Preview and Diagnosis Tool

While Ad Preview and Diagnosis tool is mainly focused on checking the status of your own ads, it provides an ability to analyze ads of your competitors in different geographical locations.

Features: Details in this article.


  • Shows your competitors’ ads triggered by particular keywords in specified geographical locations
  • Provides an ability to see your ad position compared to competitors

Pricing: Free